Home painting helps bring out the beauty of your homes. You have put your homes together meticulously and home painting can become a tedious process with all the dust and people mulling all over the house. Worry no more as we at Vizag Home Services understand your problems and continuously work to improve ourselves and provide the most hassle-free painting that is possible. We use the best paints and coatings and have put together a set of latest processes that fit every budget possible.

Texture Painting

Every piece of furniture that you have at your homes, big or small, proudly adorns your house. Likewise a well-done texture painted wall adds glory to your homes and invites a mixture of attention and envy from one and all. Using a combination of patterns, colors and sheen, thousands of options for texture painting can be created. And each design that is created will be different from the others. All the leading companies are introducing new designs every season to satiate a home-owner’s appetite for new and trendy designs. We at Vizag Home Services understand your need for the best of the best and provide you with professionals who are well-trained in texture painting. We work tirelessly to provide you with the luscious finish that you dream of. What’s more fascinating about these paints is that they are easily washable and durable, thus making sure that they beautify the walls of your homes for years to come.


Stencil Painting


Stencil painting is perfect for you if you want your walls to be adorned with artistic designs, within a tight budget. From a teeny bird to a humongous tree, from a football field to a full-scale statue anything is possible and that too painted, thanks to stencil painting. You do not have to depend on the large paint manufacturers to come up with a design for your walls. Use your imagination and give us a picture and we will get that stenciled and painted for you!


Wood Polishing


All wooden doors and furniture are elegant and last a really long time. Wooden furniture is not demanding and your occasional care will take it a long way. Wood polishing can be done by hand, roller or spray, and are used to fill out all those nicks and cracks. Wood polishing brings out its original texture and makes it as good as new in no time. There are a zillion varieties and brands; hence you need to pay attention to the material used. Poly Urethane (PU), Lamination, Melamine and French polish are some of the leading favorites in the market and you can trust Vizag Home Services to get the best offer for you.


Waterproofing Services


Water leakage, seepage or dampness is our enemy no. 1 and therefore, we at Vizag Home Services have equipped ourselves with all the tricks there are, to deal with it. Latest infrared thermal imagery is used to identify the source of the problem. Once the problem is identified, waterproofing chemicals and processes are used to solve the issue. Irrespective of its interior or exterior requirements, we do the best that is recommended as per the latest system.



Exterior Painting


Exterior painting is a very tedious affair, especially in societies with different members having various different viewpoints. We can help plan and navigate through several steps that ultimately leads to receiving a certification from the paint manufacturer, thanks to our experience. We borrow viewpoints from experts in the industry, to provide you with hassle-free, best-in-quality and economical painting options, along with the value added services like exterior textures and water proofing.


  • We protect the contents of your industrial building completely, including fixtures, machinery, and sprinkler heads, using Visqueen plastic and tape to keep them safe from dust and painting products.
  • Surfaces that will be painted are cleaned using high-pressure air blowers for interior walls and ceilings, or power washed for exterior walls and surfaces. If needed, oil, grease, and dirt can be removed by hand and using chemicals. Any areas of peeling paint will be blown, scraped and sanded to a smooth surface.
  • Drywall is repaired as needed, and our professional stain killing process may be used to remove leaks and leak stains.

Industrial Painting - Our Process

At VHS, we use our decades of experience to bring you the most efficient industrial painting process possible. Over the years, we have been able to tackle the biggest painting projects using these methods, and our painting crews are professional and attentive to detail throughout every step.


  • We will apply new caulking and block-fill cinder block as needed.
  • Primer is applied to the surface to be painted.


  • We find the right paint for the surfaces in your industrial building. Ceilings and some upper walls may be sprayed with dryfall paint, and an enamel gloss may be applied to lower walls, doors, frames, and columns.
  • Any graphics, striping, or lines in the paint design are carefully measured and applied for a clean professional finish.


  • After painting, we remove all prep materials, including plastics and tape, and clean floors, handrails, and any other exposed surfaces.
  • We will leave your building cleaner than it was before we came in - but with a fresh new look!