Washing Machine Repair Service

Washing machine repair? Wash your worries away VHS unparalleled and quality washing machine repair services in Bangalore.

Appliances are an integral part of our lives and something as vital as washing machine cannot be stranded without being serviced or repaired at the earliest.

Vizag Home Services is your one stop Company for all the repairs that your washing machine may require. We provide quick and quality services at competitive prices. We also help in proper maintenance of the appliance and one thing that makes us stand out is proper use of branded spare parts.

We will be at your doorstep within half an hour of your complaint registration to prevent you from worrying about your non-working washing machine. We can offer repair services to washing machines of any brand. Don’t wait to get your washing machine fixed!

Fix your washing machine right away with VHS dedicated service.


Signs your washing machine is in need of repair:

  • The machine gets noisy
  • There are leaks
  • Timer does not work
  • Does not start or does not agitate
  • Does not spin
  • Burning smell
  • Does not fill water or fills excess water
  • Burning smell when the washing machine is operating
  • The lid or door does not open

If you find any of these signs occurring, or even if something unusual occurs, Contact us immediately for same day assistance, as you do not want to stay long with a problematic washing machine.

What we can do:

  • Our professionals offer timely help starting with inspecting the washing machine and understanding what repair needs to be done
  • Our experts rectify the damages to make the appliance work
  • We repair the parts that can be repaired and if any part requires replacement, we replace it with quality spare parts. Warranty is a benefit to our customers.
  • Perform safety checks after repair