Vizag Home Services is more than a name today. With an experience of over 10 Years, we constantly endeavor towards customer satisfaction by delivering products and services of the best value and quality with professional and systematic approach. Today Vizag Home Services stands for excellence in all fields of building activities like Waterproofing, Restoration, Finishing & Structural glazing. The quality of work has become a hallmark for Vizag Home Services. As a proud member of this Vizag Home Services team, it gives me pleasure to say a few words about us. 

As the name suggest, we started our business as waterproofing contractors. The next step was to pioneer the restoration and rehabilitation of deteriorating structures, which prompted us to take on interior finishing work including marble and granite flooring and external finishing work like dry cladding. With the kind of growth required for the expansion of our activities, we were poised to become a full-fledged construction company which we are proud to call ourselves today. 

Vizag Home Services is now on par with the best construction companies in Andhra Pradesh, undertaking contracts for the entire construction of building projects. In keeping with current trends, structural glazing has also become part of our fast-expanding business. 

Our strength lies in our reputation for perfection which is backed by a proven track record, proven quality, expertise, workmanship, service, competence, reliability and most importantly a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction which is substantiated by our impressive clients and projects. 

While this brochure attempts to portray an essential part of our journey this far, we continue to move on, dotting our twenty-five years track record with beautiful and enduring milestones. At Vizag Home Services where we treat every project like an art, we do not believe there can be an end to a journey in quest of perfection and excellence.

However the scenario was never the same before Vizag Home Services entry in the market. This segment was always looked upon as a disorganized sector with very little scope for development. However, the credit to change people's perception and earn repute totally goes to Vizag Home Services. Within a short span of time Vizag Home Services has changed the face of the Waterproofing & Structural Repairs industry in India. Thanks to its cutting edge technology and team of professionals. The result, an unmatched performance like no other. Our superior quality and timely delivery has won us the patronage of several clients across sectors.  

Our Team

Over time, we have managed to scale the heights of superior waterproofing expertise. A major credit for this goes to our well versatile team of experts who have worked day in and day out to master the trade. We are proud of our team that is highly remarkable and capable of interpreting issues that bother our clients and provide suitable solutions within stipulated timelines and at cost-effective rates. This has not only earned us a very good reputation in this sector, but has also increased patronage towards our products and services. Thereby, giving us yet another opportunity to serve our clients better.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality, we leave no stone unturned, or rather say, we leave no leaking structure untouched. Thanks to our eye for detail and a systematic approach towards all assignments. Be it at any stage of development, we make sure that quality is not compromised upon. We also strive to continuously refine our understanding of clients' requirements to serve them better. Also, provision of quality services at industry-best rates, makes us a preferred choice. 

We rate our services based on the following parameters: 
Policies and practices are fair, Transparent and constantly improving.
Maximize customer satisfaction and achieve market leadership.
Timely execution of services
Cost effectiveness
Quality-approved services
Client-centric approach

Why us

One of the major problems of a house and a commercial building is when the walls and floors start to develop cracks because of pressure and weather conditions. Because of humidity and constant exposure to moisture, the construction and the foundation of the building could be compromised. Waterproofing is a good solution.  

Our products and services reflect innovation, quality benchmarks and provide real value for money. Our main focus is towards a single objective i.e. "Client Satisfaction". For this, we have developed an array of services that keep on improving from time to time with the use of latest technologies. These technologies are precise and highly effective, extending life of the structures for times to come. This results in trust of numerous clients and sheer customer delight. If you wish to avail of our superior services at affordable rates, do Get in Touch with us. Call the experts and let them do the tasks for you. 

Vizag Home Services Warrantee for Waterproofing work is from 2 years to 15 years and in case of Painting our Warrantee is for 7 years. During this Warrantee period if any problem exist then Vizag Home Services shall fix it free of cost. We also assure you our best services for a permanent and long term solutions.(T&C Apply)


We are based in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and primarily operate in the State surrounding areas of Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Srikakulam, and Vizianagaram.